How to drink?

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Tofka Shot

Simply pour. 


Tofka Banshee

30ml Tofka - Top up with Ginger beer/ale - Squeeze of Lime

Method: Fill glass with cubed ice. Add the Tofka and top up with the ginger beer. Add a squeeze of lime and garnish.

Tofka Martini

A take on the hugely popular espresso Martini.

35ml Tofka - 15ml Dark Rum - 1 espresso shot - 25ml milk

Method: Shake all ingredients hard with cubes ice. Strain into a sling or latte glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Apple Pie

Banana Toffee Espresso Martini

10ml Toffee Vodka @tofka_vodka - 15ml Banana Liqueur - 

15ml Home made Banana Syrup - 20ml Cold Brew Espresso Liqueur - 60ml Espresso

optional -10ml Cream
Ice & shake hard.
Topped with Toasted Coconut & Oven Crisped Chocolate Brownie Crumbs.


Courtesy of @cocktailsmandurah